Employment Screening / Background Checks

Accelerated Solutions provides basic criminal background checks and employment screenings.  Pricing can vary depending on what is needed.  Click the button below to use our simple order form, and we’ll return your background check within 24 hours.

Background Checks

Legal Investigations / Case Preparation Assistance

We have extensive experience helping attorneys and their clients with various aspects of court case prep.  We can provide multiple examples where information developed by the staff at Accelerated Solutions helped prevent cases from going to trial.  If you want to win your case, contact us immediately.

Legal Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

mother childWhen it comes to your family, you leave nothing to chance, and neither will the professional investigators at Accelerated Solutions.  We know what kinds of information can help you win custody and we know how to get it.  Click the button to visit our contact page so we can discuss the specifics of your situation and make a recommendation for you.

Often, we can develop valuable information that others seldom think about.  As parents ourselves, we understand the emotional difficulty such cases present and we bring a level of thoroughness while other firms are simply going through the motions.

Click the button below and fill out the contact form.  We’ll contact you right away and answer all of your questions.

Child Custody Cases

Ohio Innocence Project

ohioinnlogosmThe United States has one of the greatest criminal justice systems in the world, but even so, it’s not perfect.  Mistakes happen, and innocent people are sent to jail more often than we like to think.  The Ohio Innocence Project is dedicated to righting wrongs within the Ohio criminal justice system.  Accelerated Solutions offers free investigative help to the lawyers and other volunteers working on cases that are accepted by the Ohio Innocence Project.  For more information, contact us by clicking the button below

For additional information click the link to visit the official web site of the Ohio Innocence Project.

Innocence Project

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