Cats have 9 lives, PI’s only get one shot…

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Today I was working a surveillance job for a worker’s compensation investigation, and the company had warned me that the guy had told a co-worker he expected the company would put a tail on him.  As usual, they wanted me to use extreme caution or they’d never be able to prove the guy was faking a back injury.

When I headed over to the target’s house this morning around 6:30am, the temperature was in the low 40′s.  Since I had driven about 30 minutes to get to this location, my engine was pretty warm, and I soon had an uninvited guest:

pi blog catFor a lot of reasons, I didn’t want this guy on my hood.  I tried everything – windshield wipers, pounding on the windshield, you name it, nothing worked.  The little rascal just sat there and looked at me.

I finally decided my antics to get rid of him were far more attention-getting than just letting him sit there.

And so he sat.  And so did I.

After an hour, the engine must have cooled off enough that he decided to go elsewhere for warmth, and he jumped off and left me to do my job alone.

The target didn’t come out of the house all day…

But I’ll get him eventually, and when I do, I’ll post the pics here (with an Accelerated Solutions “gotcha” logo across his face, of course).

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Discretion is the better part of valor

November 13th, 200912:00 am @ // 3 Comments

Just a quick blog update to give people an example of how we work at Accelerated Solutions.  On a recent surveillance job to investigate a cheating spouse, the client’s partner was discreetly tailed to parking garage at a local hotel.  During a meeting earlier in the week, the client made it very clear that the target of the investigation was very paranoid and would be difficult to photograph without being spotted.

Of course, being an investigator with over a decade of experience, this wasn’t the first time I heard the client say something like that, but it doesn’t matter how often I hear it, I take it seriously every time.

The client simply needed solid evidence that his spouse wasn’t telling the truth about where she was during the day.  A quick call to the client confirmed she had told her husband that she was headed for the grocery store and would be gone a little more than an hour.  I quickly determined that a shot of her in a parking garage (which the grocery store didn’t have), and another shot of her entering the hotel would be all the client needed to confirm his suspicions.

Keeping in mind the client’s warnings about his wife’s paranoia, I pulled my vehicle into a spot perpendicular to her SUV, on the driver’s side, then waited for her to come back out.

An hour later, I used my left side mirror to shoot a number of hi-resolution images that could later be cropped.  In the second shot below, the target looked in my general direction, giving me a great shot of her face, but in the darkened garage, it was impossible for her to see me through the mirror and the window.  Here’s a couple of examples of discretion in the line of duty.  And up tomorrow, proof that she actually went into the hotel…



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If you suspect a cheating spouse…

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Domestic Investigations

When you need answers, Accelerated Solutions can help

When you need answers to tough questions, Accelerated Solutions can help. We know that domestic surveillance can be a very delicate situation, and we handle all of our domestic cases with extreme care. We guarantee your privacy and will go the extra mile to ensure we don’t compromise the investigation. In addition, we have very flexible payment options to give you the freedom you need to seek the truth. The following is a partial list of our payment options:

  • Flat Fee – For a set price, Accelerated Solutions will investigate the answers to the questions that are most critical to you. No matter how much effort it takes, our team is dedicated to gathering the facts and getting you the information you need. This option gives you a firm budget to work with and sets the investigation parameters up front to ensure that your questions are answered and your budget is not exceeded. What we quote is exactly what the investigation will cost. If we fail to find the answers you need, the full amount of the fee will be refunded to you.
  • Retainer – this open-ended option is for clients who aren’t sure what to expect from the investigation. After receiving the initial investigation report, some clients request additional information, while others do not. If the retainer is not exceeded, the remaining portion is returned to you.
  • Flexible Billing Options - we know that hiring a private investigator can strain your budget. If necessary, we can set up flexible payment options that break up payments into manageable amounts over a fixed period of time.
  • Discreet Transactions – We have a number of options available for delivering investigation reports, evidence and detailed invoices to the location you want, including a secure internet email address created by us, personal delivery at a location of your choice, or a face-to-face meeting in our private office.

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